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All available vaccinations at the fairgrounds for the week of January 18 have been taken. Please check back later next week for additional information.

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Sussex County is currently full. Look for other vaccination locations.
Be sure to complete, print and sign the Vaccine consent form.

Sussex County Department of Health and Human Services
COVID-19 Vaccination Planning Q & A
January 15, 2021

Please review updates below highlighted with yellow shading. Counties are in a very fluid situation as the New Jersey Department of Health issues revised and/or new information on a regular basis. Several of the links below will take you to NJDOH sites for updates.

Is Sussex County preparing to administer COVID-19 vaccinations?

The Sussex County Department of Health & Human Services Division of Health announces that the county COVID-19 vaccination site will open on Thursday, January 14, 2021 in accordance with the State's phased distribution.

Are two doses required?

Yes the two approved vaccines have a two dose protocol.

Will I get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine?

Sussex County has been advised that the Moderna vaccine will be delivered. Future shipments could be provided by other manufacturers. You will receive a card at the time of your first vaccination with pertinent information and a schedule for the second round of vaccine to be administered.

Who and how are priorities set for obtaining vaccinations?

Sussex County receives direction from the New Jersey Department of Health. There are currently four major categories. Amendments are issued by the state so it is important to check the most current vaccination guidelines link. Review the most current vaccination guidelines.

Can I put my name on a list now to schedule my vaccination?

You can pre-register for your vaccination using the New Jersey Vaccine Scheduling System now at . In the weeks to come as the system becomes fully operational, it will be used for full pre-registration and scheduling. We look to announce an update shortly on the status of the New Jersey Vaccine Scheduling System.

I pre-registered and have attempted to schedule my vaccination date but there are no openings?

The NJ Department of Health is just beginning the roll out of the vaccines. In the next few weeks the state will work through its supply and distribution issues and begin providing reliable data at the local level allowing for scheduling weeks and possibly months into the future. With the present changes in directives and fluctuating shipment quantities, Sussex County is limiting its future vaccination reservation schedule to the end of next week at this point in time.

I am afraid that I am not capable of filling out the form on- line. What should I do?

Sussex County will have a number to call but expect a great deal of telephone traffic and long wait times in the early weeks. It is best to get someone to help you fill out the online form.

Will there be regular updates on line?

Absolutely! Sussex County will endeavor to keep its web page up to date throughout the vaccination period.

I have underlying health issues and I am scared about a reaction to the vaccination? What happens if I have a reaction?

Sussex County recommends that you consult your medical provider if you have any concerns or have ever experienced an allergic reaction, even a mild reaction to a vaccination or food. Your physician is the best source of guidance. If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant, consult your physician. If you are breast feeding, consult your physician. Please do not simply rely upon internet sources. Trained Public Health Nurses will be at the vaccination site. A protocol for monitoring you immediately after receiving a vaccination is in place. You should anticipate remaining at the vaccination site for 15 minutes and in some cases (if you have experienced past reactions to vaccines) 30 minutes. The protocol will be explained to you upon arrival.

How do I get my children vaccinated?

Currently, the Pfizer vaccine is approved for 16 years of age or older while Moderna is approved for 18 years and older according to limitations assigned by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Hopefully, a vaccination will eventually be deemed safe for juveniles but as of this time the two vaccines in the pipeline have age restrictions.

This sounds like an enormous endeavor? Can I just get my vaccinations from my pharmacy or medical provider?

Absolutely but be patient as medical practices and pharmacies are waiting to receive the vaccines as well. You are not required to get your vaccination through the county. You are encouraged to access your medical provider or schedule through your pharmacy if practical. Sussex County is planning to serve an enormous population in a relatively short period of time.

When should I recheck this site?

Sussex County believes that we will be able to address the third group (over the age of 65 with underlying medical conditions) in February.

A number of links are provided below with additional information. Please spend a few minute reading the data presented by Pfizer, Moderna, the NJ Department of Health and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Links will be refreshed as new date is released.

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Please stay healthy and safe. Wear a mask in public at all times. Social distancing is critical. Wash or sanitize your hands often. All of these health precautions should continue after your vaccination. More will be known in the weeks and months to come. Our best advice at this point in time is to remain vigilant.

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