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2020 State Park Passes Available Now

Release Date: December 06, 2019

    State Park Pass

    As the end of the year and holiday season approaches, many towns are preparing for special events. This season, DEP is offering annual passes to New Jersey State Parks. Annual park passes are $50 for New Jersey residents, and $75 for those who live outside of the state. A second household pass may be purchased at a reduced price of $25 for New Jersey residents and $35 for out-of-state visitors. To be eligible for the discount, both passes must be purchased at the same time. Please see the attached for more information.

    You can also appreciate our outdoor resources through the New Jersey Forest Services limited-edition 2020 calendar featuring Champion and Heritage Trees. Net proceeds will benefit the Forest Service's Big Tree Conservation and Heritage Tree programs. Calendars can be ordered online at external link.

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