Assessment Records Search

Search Sussex County property assessment information on-line.

**The data on this site (linked below) or any site hosted by a third party may not be accurate.  Contacting the office of the assessor is the most credible property record data available.**


MOD-IV has information with regard to property in Sussex County. The information may be searched by municipality, name, address or block and lot. The information is as it appears on the Tax List and includes owner information, acreage, assessed value and more.

Please be aware of the following when searching for information:

  • The Tax List information appears as certified as of January 1 of the Tax Year. Deed information may not always be up to date.
  • Zoning is not a function of the assessing office therefore is not always updated on MOD-IV information. It is important to contact the Zoning Department of the municipality to determine the validity of the information should you require information for a permit, etc.
  • When reviewing the MOD-IV, kindly remember that the assessed value is the function of the Assessor and taxes the function of the Collector. Contacting the correct entity with your question will ensure accurate answers in a timely fashion.