County Information & Services

The county offices are the focal point of general support, oversight and routine communications between local districts and the Department of Education's central offices. Each county office is led by an Executive County Superintendent and has a core staff, which includes an Executive County Business Official, a County Education Specialist and a County Child Study Supervisor.

County office staff:

  • Perform onsite evaluations of school districts every three years in accordance with the NJ Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC);
  • Review and approve district budgets;
  • Review and approve district administrative contracts;
  • Inspect school buildings to ensure compliance with health and safety codes;
  • Review and approve district transportation contracts;
  • Issue county substitute certificates;
  • Conduct special education program reviews;
  • Provide technical assistance to school districts, boards of education and parents on a variety of topics; and support districts in responding to questions;
  • Respond to community, legislative and parental concerns; and
  • Assist Department divisions in securing required data.