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Press Release - COVID

Release Date: April 16, 2020


APRIL 15, 2020


     The Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office would like to thank the residents of Sussex County for your incredible sacrifice, patience and strength during this ongoing pandemic.  In the midst of our struggle, your cooperation with county and state emergency management officials, and your adherence to the Governor’s Executive Orders, has saved many lives in our community.  Your commitment in this regard shows your compassion for your fellow neighbor, honors the sacrifice they are making and reduces the danger posed to first responders and health care workers in our county.

     We recognize that your hardship, loss and disappointment during this crisis is real.  But, your continued support is needed now more than ever. Projections show that we are nearing the apex of this crisis and, with your continued cooperation, we will slow the spread of this deadly virus. We need all of you.  Your actions now, and in the coming weeks, could save the life of someone you know or someone you may never meet.