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Press Release: Thank You First Responders

Release Date: November 15, 2021



Thank you First Responders

On behalf of the Sussex County Sheriff's Office and Office Of Emergency Management I would like to thank all of the First Responders who responded and assisted at the plane crash in Hampton Township.

Starting with the New Jersey State Police who with the assistance of their aviation unit located the plane wreckage in a remote wooded area in Hampton Township.

What followed was a large response from multiple agencies. These agencies included but were not limited to the New Jersey State Police, New Jersey State Police Office of Emergency Management, Sussex County Sheriff Office of Emergency Management, Sussex County Fire Marshal Office, Sussex County Haz-Mat team, Hampton Township Fire Department,  Stillwater Township Fire Department , Fredon Township Fire Department, Lafayette Fire Department, Ogdensburg Fire Department, Highland Lakes Fire Department, Frankford Fire Department and the New Jersey Forest Fire Service. I would also like to recognize and thank the Sussex County Communications Center for ensuring that all the resources that we needed were dispatched to the accident site. 

Since the wreckage and the victims were located in a remote densely wooded area it made the recovery extremely difficult and challenging. Working in collaboration, the agencies were able to recover the victims and assist the NTSB with the recovery and removal of the aircraft from the woods.

The First Responders almost all  of who are volunteers spent close to 2 days assisting at the accident site. Although we all wish the outcome was better these volunteers  worked tirelessly to recover the victims and the aircraft. As the County Emergency Management Coordinator it is comforting to know that the volunteers in Sussex County are ready and willing to respond to any emergency that we may face.  I thank all of you for your assistance at the crash site and your continued hard work and dedication to your communities.


Sheriff Michael Strada

Sussex County Emergency Management Coordinator