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Office of Mosquito Control Announces Poster Contest Winners

Release Date: July 14, 2023

The Office of Mosquito Control held an Informational Poster Contest for local Sussex County high school graphic arts students for a “Prevent Mosquito Bites” stand alone retractable banner design. The designs were required to showcase the effective ways of mosquito bite protection such as using insect repellent, covering up and wearing protective clothing, and the various ways to rid of standing water around private property.

Each banner will be displayed at all mosquito public outreach events to help education our residents to increase awareness of mosquito prevention. Over eighty designs were submitted from two local high schools in Sussex County and from those submissions, three winning posters were selected.

First place winner, Ean Moran from Vernon Township High School, was awarded a $100 gift card. Second place winner, Samantha Ellson from Vernon Township High School, received a $75 amazon gift card. And third place winner, Ben Branca from Hopatcong High School, received a $50.00 amazon gift card. Thank you to our winners and to all the participants who submitted entries for the contest!

Click on any of the photos in the gallery below to enlarge them.

First Place Winner, Ean Moran, VernonFirst Place Winner, Ean Moran, Vernon
Second Place Winner, Samantha Ellson, VernonSecond Place Winner, Samantha Ellson, Vernon

Third Place Winner, Ben Branca, Hopatcong
Third Place Place Winner, Ben Branca, Hopatcong