NEWTON GREEN A Birthplace of Democracy

NEWTON GREEN ~ A Birthplace of Democracy (2000)

"The Courthouse Yard was a central part of landowner Jonathan Hampton's Town Plot in 1762.  It was used for political meetings, corporal punishment, militia trainings, public entertainments, and a common pasture.  Until 1858 voters in township elections indicated their choice by moving either up or downhill on the Green for a head count.

The 90-ton granite Civil War Soldier's and Sailor's Monument was erected in 1895.

In eternal gratitude to all those from Sussex County who have served in our armed forces."

This marker is located on the Green in the Town of Newton at the intersections of Routes 206/94 and Spring Street.  The marker was placed in the year 2000.

Photo courtesy of Patte Haggerty-Frato