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BRANCHVILLE, NJ  Incorporated 1898

"On or about the year 1690 William H. Beemer settled here on 1,000 acres of land and built the first mill.  James Haggerty purchased this land in 1793 and built additional successful mills lending the area the name known as "Brantown" due to the many mills located here.  Named "Branchville" in 1821 by Schoolmaster Samuel Bishop.  The post office opened in 1824.  William H. (Billy) Bell established a railroad line in 1869.  In 1882 a devastating fire ravaged most of the Village of Branchville.  Charles Crisman erected a dam and powerhouse along the Culver Brook to generate power in 1892."

The marker commemorating the history of Branchville, NJ, was placed in the year 2005.  This marker is located in the Branchville Borough Park on Wantage Avenue/Sussex County Route 519.

Photo courtesy of Patte Haggerty-Frato