This marker, signifying the historical importance of the Lusscroft Farm in Sussex County, was placed in the year 2006. This marker is located at the entrance to the former Lusscroft Farm on Sussex County Route 519 in Wantage Township between Beemerville and Colesville.

"Enos Brink farmed this foothills at the head of the West Branch of the Papakating Creek from 1835 to 1871.  James Turner (1859-1939), of Montclair, retired executive of Arbuckle Brothers, a NY coffee and sugar company, built Lusscroft between 1919 and 1930.  He donated 1,050 acres in 1931 to create the North Jersey Dairy Branch of the NJ Agriculture Experiment Station, which operated until 1970.  Research in artificial insemination and genetic improvements to dairy cattle, grassland farming and ensilage, and improved nutritional values in food and feed yielded lasting benefits of worldwide impact.  The 4-H Outdoor Education Center occupied the farm from 1973 to 1996."

Photo courtesy of Patte Haggerty-Frato