Division of Technology and Information Management
One Spring Street
Newton, NJ 07860
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Mission Statement:

The Division is centered on consistent, reliable Information Technology services to the County of Sussex and its Community. Its focus is on the effective use of standard products and services to help the organization through education, training, documentation, and help desk. This Division shall operate and maintain a stable managed centralized facility, that warehouses electronic Information and provides technology services to the entire organization of Sussex County and our community.

Research and production are intimately tied into our mission statement. Either effort would be significantly weakened without the influence of the other. This continuing exchange involving research and production has been a main ingredient in our early successes and will be an essential element in the future development of Sussex County.

Summary of Objectives:

Sussex County is envisioning the future of computing and communication technologies, anticipating a new path to business process management.

Visualizing and comparing business processes that aim to improve new process techniques and deployment are the main goals. Enterprise integration and enterprise resource planning, is the core of adapting change to our business processes.

By creating a new infrastructure business decisions made today, now become key strategic advantages and capabilities of tomorrow. The future of  E-Government has to do with the migration of the organizations business processes. Every modern management theory has emphasized the significance of the business process. These processes are the main intellectual property and financial stability manifested in all business activity.

By creating a stable managed infrastructure that supports third generation technology will augment analyzing our business processes. Along with reengineering them to adapt with the cultural change of the community.


Sussex County interacts directly on a one to one basis with the public for services provided at various locations during normal business hours. Then Sussex County will be migrating to an content provider with the virtual community, utilizing internet web based information. Then to a full service provider of our business processes direct to the public anytime, anywhere.

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