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The Office of Environmental Health and Sanitation, located within the Sussex County Division of Health, serves by managing, assessing, and controlling various factors in the environment that could potentially affect the health status of the public. Registered Environmental Health Specialists, and other professional staff members, work daily towards preventing disease and creating health-supportive environments in Sussex County.

The mission of the Office of Environmental Health is to assure the provision of a modern and manageable array of public health services to the citizens of Sussex County. Registered Environmental Health Specialists are trained to conduct facility inspections and complaint investigations. Due to the wide scope of environmental health issues, the staff works diligently to ensure that necessary environmental services are provided to Sussex County.

The role of a Registered Environmental Health Specialist varies from day to day, as do the issues these staff members are trained to handle. On an annual or bi-annual basis, Registered Environmental Health Specialists conduct facility inspections to ensure that restaurants and retail food establishments adhere to proper food storage and food handling techniques. These professionals have the skills and experience necessary to help protect members of the community from food borne illnesses.

The staff also ensures the safety of popular recreational facilities across the county, including camp grounds, youth camps, and public pools. Staff members are trained to keep these favorite summer locations safe by verifying the presence of first-aid supplies, water safety supplies, and lifeguard certifications. Water samples from these locations are routinely collected and tested.

The Office of Environmental Health also sends trained professionals to investigate and report confirmed rabies cases within an appropriate time period.

Health Inspectors ensure that sterilization, cleanliness and licensure protocols are in effect at local body art establishments.

Other members of the team ensure safe drinking water. They also inspect for proper well construction and solid waste management.

The Office promotes environmental sustainability by monitoring levels of air and water pollution, as well as by informing citizens of how to recycle acceptable materials correctly. The environmental health team is also knowledgeable on environmental health-related topics regarding air quality, lead poisoning, pesticides, asbestos, and noise control.

Registered Environmental Health Specialists work closely with the local community. Specifically, staff members assist contractors, landowners, and homeowners to ensure town, county, and state codes are met in regards to certain construction projects, including well water supply systems and sewage disposal systems. These regulations prevent groundwater contamination and preserve the safety of water sources in the County. The Environmental Team also responds to, investigates, enforces, and abates environmental public health nuisance complaints and violations in the county.

The Office of Environmental Health collaborates with other Offices and programs within the Sussex County Division of Health to ensure the health and safety of the County's citizens. Further information about the Office of Environmental Health is available at, or by calling 973-579-0370, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.