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Education Programs for Substance Use Prevention

(Alcohol, Tobacco, Vaping and Other Drugs)

Municipal Alliances are community-based volunteer committees in municipalities to address each community’s unique substance abuse prevention needs and problems for all ages. The Alliances are established by municipal ordinance and engage residents, local government and law enforcement officials, schools, nonprofit organizations, the faith community, parents, youth and other allies in efforts to prevent alcoholism and drug abuse in their community.

In Sussex County, there are 11 Municipal Alliances representing 22 of the 24 towns in the County. In New Jersey, there are nearly 400 Alliances.

Municipal Alliance programs include:

Parenting workshops to enhance a parent’s ability to assist their children to live a healthy and drug free lifestyle.

Peer Leadership Programs: training to help students develop leadership skills and goal oriented behaviors. The Peer Leaders become role models and helpers to other students.

Drug Awareness Events: to offer families and community members drug and alcohol free activities while providing information about substance abuse and community-wide prevention programs.

Drug Use and Misuse among Seniors: Medicines can interact with other medicines including over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, vitamins, herbs, food and beverages including alcohol or with other medical condtions. These interactions can cause unexpected side effects and can make a medicine less effective or even harmful. Programs are conducted to make residents aware of these harmful effects.

Funding: The Alliance Programs are currently funded through the GCSUD Grant Fund. Each Alliance must undertake matching its grant with 25% cash and 75% in-kind.

If you would like to be involved with a Sussex County Municipal Alliance to participate in the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse, contact Lisa Lombardo, Sussex County Coordinator at 973-579-0200 ext. 1370. E-mail: