Fredon, NJ

FREDON, NJ (2007)

The marker commemorating the history of Fredon Township was placed in 2007.  The marker is located on the lawn of the Fredon Township Elementary School on Route 94 North.  The marker reflects on the heritage of Fredon and the significance of the Coursen Family and Coursen's Corner.

"Fredon Township, incorporated in 1904 became the last town in Sussex County and the only so named in the Country.  Fredon, a name proposed for our nation in the early 1800's means a place of peace and freedom.  The Route 94 crossroads, known as Coursen's Corners, became a town center in the early 1800's when the Coursen Family had a school, store and blacksmith shop here.  The Fredon Post Office operated from 1834 to 1901.  The Paulins Kill forms the town's Western Border.  The East-West Jersey Partition Line crosses through the township.  John W. Griggs became New Jersey's Governor in 1895."

Photo courtesy of Cheryl (Delea) Thom