The Sussex County Division of Social Services, in partnership with Language Line Services, is pleased to provide interpretation services to aid those seeking assistance who do not speak English as their first language.

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Whether someone calls or visits the agency, our staff will be able to contact Language Line Services and be connected with the appropriate representative who will translate the requested language.  Staff will attempt to determine the geographical region where the limited English speaker may be from.  However, Language Line Services representatives will be available to assist even if the language is not known.  Once connected to an interpreter, staff will explain the purpose of the call and give the interpreter specific questions or information to interpret.  Due to confidentiality issues, interpreters will identify themselves by first name and number only.

Language Line Services interprets from English into more than 150 languages.  It should be noted that interpreted comments tend to run somewhat longer than English phrases.  Interpreters convey meaning-for-meaning, not word-for-word.  Concepts familiar to English speakers often require explanation or elaboration in other languages and cultures.

If you would like to hear a recorded example of over-the-phone interpretation, please call their demonstration line at 1-800-996-8808.