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Franklin Viaduct Project Updates

Release Date: December 30, 2013
Construction for replacement of the Franklin Viaduct on County Route 631 (North Church Road) in Franklin Borough is completed. The ribbon cutting and grand opening are scheduled for 1 p.m. on December 30, 2013.

Viaduct Plaque

Grand Opening is scheduled for 1 p.m. December 30, 2013

Project Update Notices

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December 6, 2013 Significant progress toward opening Bridge E-07 has been made since the last notice. Roadway pavement has been completed. Bridge railings are being installed.
November 15, 2013 Good progress continues on the construction of the Bridge E-07 replacement in Franklin in spite of the unseasonably cold weather. The bridge decks and sidewalk are complete and we are preparing for construction of bridge parapets and railing. Upon completion of curbing and the last remaining bridge approach slab we will begin final preparations for roadway pavement.
October 19, 2013 Two concrete deck sections were placed this week. Site drainage work is nearly complete. Placement of deck reinforcement steel will finish up shortly with additional concrete deck pours scheduled for the coming week.
September 27, 2013 Structural steel is all in place and bolted. The corrugated steel bridge deck forms are being installed and good progress is being made. Installation of steel studs to bond the concrete roadway to the structural steel and concrete reinforcement installation will be the next major bridge activities. While this is ongoing, roadway embankments and drainage structures are being constructed.
September 13, 2013 Structural steel beams were set during the past couple of weeks. With all steel in place, bolts are being aligned and tightened. Preparations such as surveying and installation of safety devices are being made in advance of installing bridge deck formwork for support of the concrete bridge deck. Reconstruction of the road embankments has begun.
August 30, 2013. Steel erection is on schedule. By this evening, the structural steel on the east side of the Wallkill River will all be in place. The steel erection crew will be relocated to the western side of the Wallkill on Tuesday, September 3. Weather permitting, the framework will all be in place by close of business Friday. After the bolts are fully tightened, the tops of steel will be surveyed so corrugated deck plans can be placed to receive reinforcing steel and concrete.
August 16, 2013. Substructure concrete is nearly complete. All that remains are the wingwalls on the west abutment. Structural steel delivery will commence during the middle of next week with erection beginning late next week. The steel beams that will be erected range in length up to about 115'. A special bulletin will be issued on Monday, August 19, regarding steel delivery travel impacts as soon as deliveries are confirmed.
August 2, 2013. Work is moving along as expected. We are preparing for the remaining concrete pours prior to structural steel erection. An update will be issued when we determine the date on which steel deliveries will commence.
July 19, 2013. Construction has been moving along as expected and the concrete substructure will be completed in a few short weeks. Many of the foundations have been backfilled. Site drainage structures have been delivered. The erection of the steel girders in the superstructure is now on the horizon.
June 28, 2013. The last piles are being driven at the west abutment with completion of pile driving on this project expected this afternoon. We are also pouring the first abutment wall at the east end of the site and capping Pier 4. The structural steel beams and girders are nearly complete. The connections for the final three steel bridge spans are all being match drilled in the shop yard in preparation for erection.
June 14, 2013. The recent heavy rains have slowed production a little but have not stopped it. The crews are working in the mud to make up time. The next few weeks will see bridge pier structures being topped out in readiness for structural steel. Bridge abutment construction is ongoing. Structural steel fabrication is nearly complete and erection/match drilling of the last three spans of the bridge is taking place in the fabrication shop.
May 31, 2013. Some items of work for next week include placing Pier 2 column concrete, constructing Pier 1 column reinforcing cages, excavating for the east abutment footing and pile driving at the west abutment.
May 17, 2013. Today we poured concrete in the first part of the bridge that will be above grade and visible to public view upon completion. A "crash wall" adjacent to the NYS&W RR tracks was poured. Our next concrete pour will be the Pier 4 columns. Pile driving is nearing completion and should be finished next week, weather permitting. Pieces of the bridge superstructure have begun to arrive.
May 3, 2013. Construction on the Bridge E-07 project was slowed during the past three weeks as a result of finding unexpected conditions in the rock underlying portions of the site. We found these conditions when driving test piles. The conditions were reviewed and the necessary changes made to the pile lengths. Pile construction is back on track. The first concrete foundation was poured today using just under140 cubic yards of concrete. The concrete was supplied by the Sussex plant of County Concrete Corp.
April 12, 2013. The onset of spring has seen work on the bridge begin to accelerate. Sheeting operations are winding down. Foundation excavation is well underway. Pile driving operations have begun. A concrete foundation crew will be mobilized next week. The two western spans of the bridge, many of the girders over 100' long, were fully erected in the fabrication shop and all interconnecting pieces match drilled for streamlined construction when erected in the field. They are now in storage awaiting painting. The remaining three spans and a large supporting girder are now on the shop floor being fabricated.
April 1, 2013. Progress continues on sheeting installation. Pile driving should commence this week. Concrete foundation construction can be expected to begin during the next two week period. The girders and miscellaneous parts for the first two spans of the bridge superstructure are fabricated. The first two spans of the steel bridge superstructure are now being test assembled and match fit at the fabrication plant prior to fabrication of the balance of the superstructure steel.
March 15, 2013. Overhead utility relocation is essentially complete and test pile installation can proceed. Structural steel fabrication is right on schedule and our steel now occupies most of the massive fabrication facility that just finished the mast for One World Trade Center.
March 1, 2013. Sheeting installation for foundation construction began during the past week. Test piles will be driven and analyzed during the next two weeks. Fabrication of the steel plate girders and box beam, many over 100' long, is underway. With the end of winter we can expect to see concrete structures rising from the ground in anticipation of steel erection.
February 15, 2013. With the exception of a pier wall, all demolition has been completed and the project site is just about empty.
February 1, 2013. Removal of the last steel superstructure section (over the Wallkill River) was completed today.
January 18, 2013. Complete bridge superstructure demolition next week. Foundation construction to begin in mid-winter.
January 4, 2013. Bridge superstructure demolition is 50% complete. Foundation construction to begin in mid-winter.
December 21, 2012. Demolition of the superstructure continues.
December 7, 2012. Demolition of the superstructure has begun.
November 26, 2012. Please note that bridge and road closure and detour of Bridge E-07 CR 631 in Franklin, the Franklin Viaduct, was implemented on Monday, November 26 at 1:30 p.m. This notice includes a detour map.
November 21, 2012. Please note that bridge and road closure of Bridge E-07 CR 631 in Franklin, the Franklin Viaduct, will take place on Monday, November 26 after the morning rush hour. This notice includes a detour map.
November 16, 2012. Road closure is expected on or about November 26, 2012. This notice includes a detour map.
November 2, 2012. Road closure is expected on or about November 12, 2012. This notice includes a detour map.
October 9, 2012. Road closure is expected on or about November 1, 2012. This notice includes a detour map.
August 3, 2012. Initial project update.

August 27, 2012

Replacement of Sussex County Bridge E-07 (Franklin Viaduct) over the Wallkill River and New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad

Dear Neighbors,

Construction for replacement of the Franklin Viaduct on County Route 631 (North Church Road) in Franklin Borough is expected to begin on or about October 1, 2012.

This $8.7 million project will replace the existing, structurally deficient bridge and ramp with a new five-span steel girder superstructure with a reinforced concrete deck founded on steel H-pile and spread footing foundations and reinforced concrete abutments and piers. The bridge will be widened to accommodate a 30-foot roadway and a six-foot sidewalk.

The first stage of construction will involve contractor mobilization and utility relocation work and is expected to last for approximately two to four weeks. During this period of time County Route 631 will remain open to two lanes of traffic.

Once this phase of work is completed County Route 631 (North Church Road) will be closed from Fowler Street to Newton Street and vehicular traffic rerouted around the closure along a posted detour from Route 23 in Franklin Borough to Route 94 in Hardyston Township. The additional detour travel distance is approximately 2-3 miles with an estimated additional travel time of six minutes. This phase of work is expected to last 14 months and will include demolition of the existing bridge and ramp structure built in 1927 and construction of the new Bridge E-07. Re-opening of the roadway is scheduled to occur no later than December 31, 2013. Pedestrian accommodations will be coordinated by the project Resident Engineer for the duration of the closure.

The final phase of the project consists of landscaping, site clean-up and completion of punch list items. This work will be performed under two lane traffic conditions and is scheduled for completion in Spring 2014.

The precise timing of the work is subject to change due to weather or other factors.

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Construction Photos

Construction photo

Construction photo

Construction photo

Construction photo
Iron workers line up the beam for installation. 8/27

Construction photo
Preparing to tie the first beam to the east abutment. 8/27

Construction photo
Specially constructed lifting tube to move curved beams without damaging them. 8/27

Construction photo
What a difference two days makes! Six 108 ft each curved beams attached to the box beam installed 8/23. 8/27

Construction photo
Iron workers in lifts at both ends ensure precise position. 8/23

Construction photo
Two cranes picking the hollow box beam for placement. 8/23

Construction photo
Ready for installation.

Construction photo
One of two, 108 ft curved steel beams delivered 8/22

Construction photo
Bridge bearings ready to receive the beams.

Construction photo
The east abutment.

Construction photo
Standing at the top of the east abutment, looking west.

Construction photo
About 65 feet long and 49 tons.

Construction photo
Each of the many bolts will be retightened and tested.

Construction photo
The beam is hollow for future inspection.

Construction photo
You can identify the Iron Workers by their brown hard hats. Here they inspect the newly delivered box beam on 8/21.

Construction photo
Sussex County Engineer Walter Cramp as one of the first main beams is delivered to the Franklin Viaduct, 8/21/2013.

Construction photo
Aug 21: Project Engineer Charles Porter, County Engineer Walter Cramp, Supervising Engineer Pat Gencarelli

Construction photo

Construction photo

Construction photo
Background: Concrete placed Pier 4 columns and Pier 3 South column
Foreground: Concrete formwork in place for Pier 2 columns

Construction photo
Pouring concrete at Pier 4 footing.

Construction photo

Construction photo

Construction photo

Looking south from east abutment

Construction photo

Preparing steel for removal

Construction photo

Lifting parapet

Construction photo

Construction photo