Amity School


This marker celebrating the history of the Amity School is located on Amity Road in Byram Township.  The marker was placed in the year 2006.

"The Amity School was built in 1840, and in continuous use until June 1936.  When it was built, Byram Township included part of current Sparta Township, and all of Stanhope and Hopatcong Boroughs.  Stanhope Road did not reach from Green Road to Tomahawk Lake.  Students came from areas now known as Tomahawk Lake, Seneca Lake, Byram Cove, Bear Pond and Lackawanna Road.  The building was sold in 1940 to William Roleson, then to Katherine Spranger Riker, whose son William is the present owner.  Students filled Amity School, due to local industries; farming, mining, and producing charcoal and railroad ties."

Photo courtesy of Patte Haggerty-Frato