August Hill Baptists


"In 1750, several families left the Congregational Church of Mansfield, CT relocating to New Jersey with William Marsh, their spiritual leader.  Building a log meeting house here, they associated with the Baptist faith in 1750.  As the church prospered, members were released to establish congregations in Wantage, Hamburg and Newton.  In 1830, the congregation relocated to Lafayette, citing a better location for river baptisms.  The cemetery was used for three generations of the Morris family, neighbors and slaves.  Moses Morris (1743-1827), buried here, enlisted at 16 in the Frontier Guard during the French and Indian War, and during the Revolution harassed residents loyal to Britain."

This marker was placed in the year 2004.  The marker commemorating the Augusta Hill Baptists is located in Frankford Township on Augusta Hill Road just off of Route 206.

Photo courtesy of Patte Haggerty-Frato