Brick House Village


"This central hamlet for Montague, a township created in 1759, was named for the Brick House Hotel - a colonial tavern, hostelry and stage coach stop built in the 1700's.  It sat at the convergence of two turnpikes with Old Mine Road and near the Delaware River ferry crossings, later replaced by the Milford Bridge.  By 1880, this village boasted a store, two churches, burial grounds, two blacksmiths, a wheelwright and a new school.  The hotel was demolished in 1953 for a new bridge approach.  The remaining buildings were displaced by the Tocks Island Dam Project."

This marker commemorates the history of the Brick House Village at one time located in Montague Township near the Delaware River and the crossing to Milford Pennsylvania.  The marker is located on the River Road just past the intersection of Routes 206, Deckertown Turnpike and River Road.

Photo courtesy of Patte Haggerty-Frato