Updated March 2009

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County Planning Board Approvals and Issuance of Local and County Permits

The applicant is encouraged to meet with County staff early in the process, for concept plan discussion.
Field meeting Staff will meet with the applicant's surveyor to measure sight distances, other issues
Complete application with checklist A complete application and fee is submitted with the checklist by Monday, two weeks before Dev. Review Committee meeting.
Technical review
By county staff
County staff meets to review application for completeness.  Applicant will be notified if additional information is required on plans.
Development review committee meeting Public meeting held with 3-4 County Planning Board members, conditions for approval are decided by Committee.
Waiver requests to county planning board The applicant submits the waiver form letter stating reasons why County Standards are not being met. 
Submit revised plans with cover letter Revised plans are submitted with a cover letter that outlines the changes made, and addresses the County reports.
Preliminary approval Once conditions of preliminary are met, Entrance Permit and Road Opening Permit can be issued for construction based on approved plans.
Deeds to county For deeds being granted to the County of Sussex: deed descriptions are submitted for approval and deed templates are provided to the applicant's attorney for them to prepare the deeds, using correct owner certification.
Recording deeds Signed deeds to County are submitted to County Planning office and we record them.  This must be done before Final Plat mylars are signed, and before any lots for Minor Subdivision are perfected.
Final plan and approval After conditions of preliminary are met, a Final Subdivision or Site Plan is submitted.
For more information: Sussex County Planning Division, (973) 579-0500 or check the website    www.sussex.nj.us