Draft 2017 Sussex County Wastewater Management Plan

Note: Some of the following files are quite large.


Sussex County Wastewater Management Plan Dec. 2017
Appendix A - Habitat Suitability Determinations/Wetlands Letters of Interpretation
Appendix B - WMP Amendments Approved by DEP Since Sept. 2001
Appendix D - Plan Approval Process, Public Notice and Comments
Appendix E - Ordinances in Sewer Service Areas: Septic System Connection, Dry Conveyances
Appendix F - Public Community Water Supply Purveyors
Appendix G - Septic System Management Plan [to be submitted separately]
Appendix H - County Planning Board Certification of Municipal Stormwater Plans and Ordinances
Appendix I - Zoning Ordinance and Municipal Master Plan Status
Appendix J - NJDEP Overview of Build-Out Model to Estimate New Sewer Flows and Septic Yields
Appendix K - Population, Housing Units and Density Municipalities in Sussex County, 2010 and 2015
Appendix L - Population Projections for NJ Counties
Appendix M - Watershed Restoration Plan Summaries
Appendix N - Resolutions with Preliminary Approval for Plan Amendments
Appendix O - Highlands Water Conservation Plans – Scope of Work
Appendix P - Map Changes for Map #3 Wastewater Service Area Map


Wastewater Districts and Franchise Areas
Preserved Open Space and Farmlands, Highlands, and Preservation Areas
Stream Classifications and Buffers, Flood Areas
Natural Heritage Priority Sites
Suitable Habitat for Threatened and Endangered Species
Wild and Scenic River Corridor Special Protection Waters for Delaware River
Watersheds (HUC-11) and Municipal Boundaries
Map 4 Composite Zoning Districts
Map 7 Septic Density (jpg)

Wastewater Service Area Maps
County Wide Map
Andover Borough Map Municipal Chapter
Andover Township Map Municipal Chapter
Branchville Borough Map Municipal Chapter
Byram Township* Map
Frankford Township Map Municipal Chapter
Franklin Borough Map Municipal Chapter
Fredon Township Map Municipal Chapter
Green Township Map Municipal Chapter
Hamburg Borough Map Municipal Chapter
Hampton Township Map Municipal Chapter
Hardyston Township Map Municipal Chapter
Hopatcong Borough* Map
Lafayette Township Map Municipal Chapter
Montague Township Map Municipal Chapter
Newton Town Map Municipal Chapter
Ogdensburg Borough Map Municipal Chapter
Sandyston Township Map Municipal Chapter
Sparta Township Map Municipal Chapter
Stanhope Borough Map Municipal Chapter
Stillwater Township Map Municipal Chapter
Sussex Borough Map Municipal Chapter
Vernon Township Map Municipal Chapter
Walpack Township Map Municipal Chapter
Wantage Township Map Municipal Chapter

* Municipal Chapters for Byram Township and Hopatcong Borough are prepared with Highlands Council as part of Plan Conformance

Byram Chapter Freeholder Resolution
Byram Municipal Chapter
DEP Approval of Byram Municipal Chapter