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Scheduled Rabies Clinics

Release Date: May 13, 2024
Note: Vaccinate only healthy cats and dogs at clinics. Ferrets, rabbits, wolf-hybrids, and other animals will NOT be vaccinated at clinics. Contact your veterinarian for instructions on vaccination of these animals.

As a pet owner you are responsible for licensing your pet, even if a clinic is unavailable in your municipality.

Other options for rabies vaccinations include: a veterinary hospital, a clinic in another town/municipality, or a participating pet supply store. You will need to contact each place for a schedule, they are not walk-in establishments. If you choose any of these options, please make sure to retain your rabies certificate, this is what you will need to license your pet.

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It is strongly advised that you contact the municipality where you live to determine their due dates, fees, and requirements.

Each municipality title in the following table will link you to its corresponding website.

Sussex County Rabies Clinics