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"Think Before You Text!"

The internet is a great resource for learning and having fun. It can provide us with educational tools as well as expose our children and families to the dangers of sexually explicit material, sexual predators and other criminals who use the internet as a way to exploit our children. When it comes to using the internet we need to think of it as a third door to our home that also needs to be secured to protect the safety and well-being of our families. The Sussex County Prosecutor's Office is available to present free Cyber Safety presentations to schools and civic organizations. For more information please contact the Community Justice Coordinator at the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office.

When it comes to internet safety for your children, provide parental supervision; be there with your child, share your values, have discussions and build critical thinking skills.

Internet Safety Prevention Tips for Parents & Children
  • Establish family rules regarding your home computers:
    • Time limits
    • Costs
    • Placements of computers
  • Personal security is also a must
    • NEVER give out personal information.
    • NEVER give out your password, not even to your best friend.
    • NEVER arrange for a face to face meeting with a person whom you never met.
    • NEVER respond to offensive messages.
  • Cyberbullying

    Cyberbullying causes fear and tension among students and gets in the way of learning. Cyberbullies can use e-mail or instant messages (IMs), blogs, text or photo messages, basically any form of electronic communication. With your help we can make cyberspace a safer place by having common courtesy and respect for other people. THINK before you type, the Web is no place for a private conversation.

    Report any message that is harassing and sexual in nature to:

    • Your local law enforcement agency.
    • Your school administrators.
    • Your School Resource Officer.
    • Your Internet Provider.
"Think Before You Send!"
  • Sexting

    Sexting means sharing sexually explicit text messages or sexual photos or videos of yourself or others - using a cell phone or the internet. Sharing includes sending, receiving or forwarding content.


    (Your privacy is not guaranteed)

    INFORMATION CAN LAST FOREVER ON-LINE. It can be copied or re-posted and viewed for years to come. Sexting can haunt your future. Rise above the pressure, just say "NO"!

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To view previous cyber prevention presentation locations in Sussex County, please visit our Community Justice page.