Sussex County Prosecutor's Office
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Telephone (973) 383-1570

Gangs, Guns & Narcotics Task Force - (973) 948-2345
24 hours/day
7 days/week
Narcotics Task Force Patch

The Sussex County Prosecutor's Office Narcotics Task Force was created in October of 1987 pursuant to the Attorney General's Statewide Action Plan for narcotics enforcement (SNAP). The unit is responsible for investigations leading to the arrest and conviction of persons who violate the Comprehensive Drug Reform Act of the State of New Jersey. The Narcotics Task Force consists of an Assistant Prosecutor, a secretary and four detectives and comes under the command of a Detective Sergeant. Some of the detectives are New Jersey State Troopers and Sheriff's Officers who are assigned to the Task Force on a rotating basis.

The Narcotics Task Force provides assistance to state and municipal police officers and other agencies throughout Sussex County. Because these other agencies often lack resources in manpower, specialized training and specialized equipment, the unit is called upon to initiate and follow up on drug investigations on a regular basis. Narcotics investigations are initiated through information received from local and state law enforcement agencies, an anonymous tip line, confidential informants, citizen complaints and arrested individuals. The unit is available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

The Narcotics Task Force also provides drug education training programs to schools and civic groups and promotes anti-drug behavior throughout Sussex County. Members of the Task Force work closely with the Sussex County Coalition for Safe and Healthy Families to provide continuous drug awareness education.

Members of the Task Force receive regular refresher training on the latest trends in drug use and abuse, investigative and surveillance techniques, and the laws of search and seizure. Task Force members also provide training for local officers covering topics such as drug identification, investigative interviews, surveillance techniques, search warrant preparation and execution, as well as other topics. Through coordination by the Task Force, local officers are able to attend statewide programs sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Statewide Narcotics Task Force and County Narcotics Task Force Commanders Association.