How can I get help with scheduling a COVID-19 vaccine appointment?

Click the button below to find COVID-19 vaccine locations near you. You can also text your ZIP code to 438829, or call 1-800-232-0233.

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Sussex County Department of Health and Human Services
COVID-19 Vaccination Planning Q & A

What do I do if I lost my COVID-19 vaccination record card?

If you have lost your COVID-19 vaccination record card click here or visit:

How do I get my children vaccinated?

Speak with your Pediatrician or visit to get vaccinated

I am unable to leave my home. How do I get vaccinated?

If you are unable to leave the home to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or are the healthcare provider or family caregiver of someone who is homebound, you may request an in-home vaccination appointment.

For more information click here. Or Call The Office of Public Health Nursing 973-579-0570 For English ext. 1211 For Spanish ext. 1248

Are two doses required to be considered fully vaccinated?

Moderna and Pfizer require two doses.

What does it mean to be up-to-date on my COVID-19 vaccine?

Up-to-date means a person has received all recommended COVID-19 vaccines, including any booster dose(s) when eligible. Vaccine recommendations will be different depending on your age, your health status, and when you first got vaccinated.

For more information CLICK HERE

Which vaccine will I get?

Not all sites administer all vaccines, so it is important to check with your vaccination site before scheduling a visit to ensure you are eligible. 

The County of Sussex is administering Moderna vaccines (18+).

How do I schedule additional vaccinations after getting my first?

This will vary with each vaccination site. When choosing a vaccination location for your first vaccine, ask them how you will need to go about getting additional vaccines or visit to get vaccinated.

Who and how are priorities set for obtaining vaccinations?

Sussex County receives direction from the New Jersey Department of Health. Review the most current vaccination guidelines.

I have underlying health issues and I am scared about a reaction to the vaccination? What happens if I have a reaction?

Consult your medical provider if you have any concerns or have ever experienced an allergic reaction, even a mild reaction to a vaccination or food. Your physician is the best source of guidance. If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant, consult your physician. If you are breast feeding, consult your physician. Please do not simply rely upon internet sources. Trained Public Health Nurses are at Sussex County vaccination sites. A protocol for monitoring you immediately after receiving a vaccination is in place. You should anticipate remaining at the vaccination site for 15 minutes and in some cases (if you have experienced past allergic reactions to foods or mild reactions to a vaccine) 30 minutes. The protocol will be explained to you upon arrival. If you have had a significant reaction to a vaccine in the past such as hives, trouble breathing or other symptom, you may not qualify to receive a vaccination through the Sussex County site. Clinics with a higher level of healthcare support are better suited to handle a negative reaction to the vaccine.

Please stay healthy and safe.

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